Sukorejo Ngadimulyo Pasuruan Is Village Natural

    This map Village Ngadimulyo in fit Ngulaan Tengah in subdivision for Sukorejo-pasuruan, About Ngulaan is village see in situation fresh n natural but hemmed in factory many,   countryuntryside Ngadimulyo often also in invade by important offices such as Bupati, Gusdur, shelf executive PT. HM SAMPOERNA and there wil also be big events etc. such as competition in field agrobisnis in provide by PT. HM SAMPOERNA to prosperous society generally. PT Blessing. HM SAMPOERNA, many once medium and infrastructure in publish to society countryside Ngadimulyo other thing circulating library, PPK in UMKM sector improvement roads countryside, square kicks ball.
Following events that has been in immortalize :
+ Image photo pass care security general selection time.
+ See atmosphere in selection event general year yesterday

       So much from we of countryside ngadimulyo whenever there are thriller ,Image ,video etc. of countryside ngadimulyo help show in this blog.


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