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                Goldline International is able to offer clients access to some of history’s most prized coin currency collections; some recovered from the depths of the ocean floor and others from secret hiding places, left undiscovered for years.With gold being the oldest form of trade currency, it has also proved to be a safe asset to invest in, protecting against inflation, a weakening dollar and geopolitical uncertainty. Silver is an affordable solution, especially to those who may be new at investing in the precious metals market. With platinum being one of the rarest of precious metals and also renowned for its industrial uses, continued growth is sure to be expected, making it a wise investment for speculators. Palladium is a newly mined metal that features very unique chemical properties. As a result it is sought after by many industries, thus making it a dependable investment.

Goldline International is pleased to offer investors access to investment grade $10 and $20 Liberty gold coins from the S.S. Republic Shipwreck. For over a century, the gold and silver coins carried on this ship were believed to have been lost off the coast of Georgia forever. Similarly, many $20 Liberty Gold Pieces from 1857 survived for more than a century, seemingly preserved by the sea water, from the S.S. Central America Shipwreck.

The Atlantic Paper Currency Collection may be the largest of unused, Nineteenth Century US paper money in the world and is available to investors of rare paper currencies. The largest known quantity of $10,000 notes ever assembled was formerly owned by the Binion Horseshoe Casino. Also on offer is Binion’s collection of silver dollars, containing both the Silver Morgan and Peace Dollars.

Goldline offers a comprehensive collection of gold coins from around the world, which, to name just a few, includes the following:
  • The French 20 Franc Rooster coin – one of the most affordable and popular choices of the classic European gold coins.
  • The Netherlands 10 Guilder - a Dutch gold coin containing almost a fifth of an ounce of pure gold and is ideal for investors who are able to acquire between 20 and 1000+ coins.
  • The gold British Sovereign - its history can be traced back to Henry VII (1485 – 1509) who issued the first 20 shilling gold coin in 1489.
  • The Austrian 1 Ducat gold coin – its origin can be traced back to Venice, during the Middle Ages. Austria began minting Ducats in the early 16th Century. The Franz Joseph I Austrian Ducat gold coins were extremely high in gold purity for their time, boasting over 98% in pure gold.
Goldline International has many valuable and historic collections available ensuring investors find suitable assets to add to their portfolios. Supplies for some of the coins, though, are extremely limited and many sell out the very same day that they are made available. Goldline’s team of experts is always ready to lend a helping hand and to offer advice on your next precious metal or rare coin investment.

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